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In this day and age, technology is ever-evolving. So much so that soon after you have purchased a gadget, it becomes behind the times. This evolution also applies to your business security system. The longer you allow your security cameras and security technology to become obsolete, the more you leave your business open to suspicious activities and crime. It is therefore critical that you ensure that the state of your security operating system is up-to-date so that your business may remain as secure as possible.

Below is a list of some of the top reasons why you should update your business security system.

  1. You have not updated your security software recently

More than ever, criminals are becoming increasingly adept and well-versed with information and technology from the internet. Armed with this knowledge, it is now easier for them to identify vulnerabilities in various business security systems.

Therefore, it is not just enough to install a business security system and leave it at that. It is also advisable for you to invest in an annual evaluation of your business security system.  If the security system evaluation report reveals that your security system is obsolete, then it may be a wise course to invest in a new security system. The cost of installing a new system pales compared to the risks of your business vulnerability with an outdated and ineffective security system is worth it.

  1. If the cameras in your security system have low-resolution

We cannot overemphasize the importance of high-definition video cameras for your business security system. High definition video cameras go a long way in making it easier for you to recognize and identify suspicious individuals and would-be criminals while reducing the chances of letting such individuals get away. 

  1. Changing employee demographics

As the employee demographics within your business evolve, so should your business security system. As employees come and go, your business security system develops vulnerabilities.

Also, as your staffing levels increase, you will find that more persons will be exiting and entering your business premises. The employee rotation requires that you invest in a facility access security system that will both monitor your premises and protect the safety of your staff.

  1. Lack of remote monitoring or access

Some of the more modern business security systems in the market today should make it possible for you as the business owner to monitor your business when you are not there, from any mobile device. This ensures that you have access to your business at all times of the day, from anywhere in the world.

  1. If your security system uses wired sensors

In the recent past, security systems consisted of wired sensors on windows and doors. However, over time it has been discovered that wired sensors are security risks to your business as criminals are now able to disable or even cut these wired sensors, rendering them as inept at protecting your business.

Therefore, if you are still using wired sensors for your business premises security system, it would be wiser to invest in a modern business security system that utilizes fully wireless systems that are not easily disabled.


It is imperative to keep your business’ security system up to date at all times to best prevent crimes. Contact us at Capital Lock to see how we can help make your business more secure. 


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