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Keys come in many shapes and sizes. The locks and keys that most of us use to “secure” our homes and businesses are based on designs from the 1800s. It is important that every business has the right keys for their needs. A particularly unique key is called a restricted key, which is also called a high-security key.


The strength of your locks and your keys determines your level of security. The easier a key is to copy, the more people will have access to your business that you are trying to protect. For the average business, this can be a problem, as most businesses have many people come in contact with at least one of their keys. Locks can also be very easy for criminals to crack into, if they have enough time.


High Security Keys

High-security locks are one potential solution to good security, offering several additional layers of protection that keep your business safer. High security keys are difficult, or practically impossible, to duplicate without permission. 


A high-security key has specifically been designed to be difficult to duplicate. These keys are extremely hard for someone to copy without going to the original locksmith of the keys. 


For this reason, anyone who would like to duplicate a high-security key should reach out to the original locksmith who created the key and ask for a copy. The right locksmith will have the paperwork and tools necessary to make a copy of a high-security key for the right person. Our high security key manufacturers are constantly innovating to create keys and locks that cannot be 3D printed.


Restricted Keyways

A restricted keyway lock is a type of lock that is designed to prevent keys from being duplicated without permission. In order to make this happen, a lock usually uses a key that is controlled by one specific locksmith. In addition, in order to copy the key, the individual has to be on the signature card if they would like a duplicate. 


This also prevents companies from having to rekey their locks every time an employee leaves. Once an employee leaves and the key is returned, you can be sure that there aren’t any other copies of the key out there.


While there aren’t keys out there that absolutely cannot be duplicated, there are some that are very hard to make copies of without the right information. When it comes to a restricted key, there is usually a complex system that makes the keys harder to copy. It is actually illegal for another locksmith to try and make copies of a key if it is owned by another locksmith.


Call the Professional Locksmiths

If you want to secure your business to the highest level, high security keys and restricted keyways are essential for your doors and windows. Call the locksmith professionals at Capital Lock at 608-851-2089.

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