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With any business, things are constantly changing. New hires are joining the team, some people leave the team, or maybe you just moved into a new location. It is important to have your business secure and safe during all of these inevitable changes. 


When you rekey your locks for your business, you are giving a new opportunity to give only authorized team members the important keys. It only takes one key in the wrong hands to access your property and cause mischief. 


Running a business is expensive, but building security is not a place to cut corners with cost. Some experts recommend rekeying your locks every few years. It takes only 30 minutes for someone to make as many copies of your key as they want, and a “do not copy” warning doesn’t stop them. However, there are specific instances when it is a good idea to rekey your lock.



When Security has been Compromised


  • After a break-in 
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Broken keys or locks 
  • After layoffs
  • Employee turnover
  • Moving into a new location


Benefits of Lock Rekeying

  • Significantly cheaper than replacing a lock
  • You’ll get to keep your locks
  • You can have them configured in any way you want to


How Much Does it Cost to Rekey Your Business?


  •  It Depends! There are numerous factors that impact the cost of rekeying locks. Questions to consider:

o   How many locks need to be rekeyed?

o   How do you want the locks keyed – all the same, all different, with a master key?

o   What type of hardware is the lock in? Typical answers are:

  •  “in the door handle/knob”
  •  “in the door”
  •  “on a drawer”
  •  “in a deadbolt”
  •  “on a push bar”

o   Is it a high-security lock?

o   Do you want to change to a higher security keyway or lock?

o   Are the locks all the same brand?

  •     We can estimate the costs based on this information. You can call and provide the information, email pictures and information to us, and/or schedule a FREE on-site survey to get an estimate. We can do rekey projects of any size, whether it is just one lock or a few hundred locks.

New Businesses

If you just bought a new building for your business that was previously owned by another business, chances are that building still has keys in people’s possession. Even if your building is brand new, your property was previously accessed by construction workers and real estate professionals with their own keys. 


If you are positive that you have all of the keys to your property, check existing keys and locks to ensure they are in good condition. Keys should turn and lock with ease. Locks that are hard to open are a security risk. Check for signs of age of your keys and locks to ensure they are not too old to break off. 


When You Should Rekey the Locks Immediately

There are some circumstances where it is essential to rekey your locks right away. These include, but are not restricted to:


  • Someone that should not have access to your key may have access.
  • Someone that has left the company or touched the key is a security risk.
  • Someone has already broken into your business.
  • If you have any basis to believe that there is a risk to any of your locks or keys, rekeying them right away should be your priority.


Security is an essential component of a successful enterprise. Keys can be used against your business if in the wrong hands. To make sure they are in the right hands, call the locksmith professionals at Capital Lock at 608-851-2089.

Capital Lock Is Your Key to Security