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At one time or another, we need the services of a locksmith. Broken locks, damaged locks, lost keys, you name it, the first person we think about calling is the locksmith.


Locksmiths have advanced their services from the traditional door locks and keys replacement and repairs. In their services, locksmiths include installing security systems, security cameras, and other services for homes, cars, and commercial buildings.


Why Hire a Professional Locksmith?

Consider the 10 reasons outlined below.


  1. Professional Installation

When hiring a locksmith, it is prudent to hire a trusted and professional locksmith. It is key to your sense of security and assurance that the services offered are done right and long-lasting.


  1. Increasing security.

All of us want to feel secure in our own homes. Hire a professional locksmith to upgrade your

security locking system or install additional locks that will contribute to your sense of security and provide a hindrance to burglaries.


  1. Upgrading Commercial building security systems

Commercial buildings are installing or have installed security systems that require keycards or

fingerprint access devices. Professional locksmiths are trained and have the experience to deliver effective security system solutions.


  1. Forgotten access combinations

With the improvement in technology key access, homes have electronic door key access, eliminating physical keys. It is easy to forget the code or password to access your premises. A professional locksmith can recode and reset your electronic keypad access for you.


  1. Changing damaged locks

Your door and window locks are old and falling out or are no longer working. The locksmith will

assess your locks and provide the correct locks and tools needed to change your locks.


  1. Tenants Moving out of your Rental

If you are a commercial and residential owner and your tenants are moving out of your premises. To assure the next tenant that no one else has access keys to their premises, hire a professional locksmith to change the locks.


  1. Moving into a new apartment or home

When you move into a new apartment or home, you might not know how many people have copies of your keys. Hiring a locksmith to change your locks will give you the much-needed assurance that your home is secure.


  1. Locking yourself out of your building by accident

Have you experienced the frustration of standing in front of your door and are unable to enter?

You are not alone. Forgotten keys, lost keys, and stolen keys are the reasons people frequently hire a locksmith. The locksmith is adept at providing you with a solution of dismantling and re-installing your door lock or providing other solutions.


  1. Guarantee 

Professional locksmiths offer a guarantee for their work. During the warranty period of their work, if a problem occurs with the locks or system installed, the locksmith will make the necessary adjustments for free.


  1. Insurance

On some occasions, damage may occur to your home, car, or commercial premises when a

locksmith replaces your locks. A professional locksmith will have liability insurance that covers the costs associated with third-party accidents, property damage, and bodily injury to you, a customer, or a vendor.


Give the professional locksmiths at Capital Lock a call whenever you are needing help with lock security – 608-851-2089

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