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In today’s digital age, when most people hear the word ‘security’ for a business, they will assume you are referring to the protection of online data and technology resources within a company. Our security priorities have changed over time but physical security should always be important to a business because it is an effort to protect a company’s most important assets: the people. 


Along with information and personnel security issues, physical security means controlling access to facilities and maintaining them to meet local, state or federal standards for the safety of the employees.

Many businesses take their physical security for granted. Whether your business is a small local shop or a large international established brand, you must be prepared for possible security issues your company may face. A recent study of corporate security showed that companies regard cybersecurity and information security as the most significant security issues they face, followed by concerns about workplace violence. While all of these concerns are validated, physical security should never be overlooked.


Another large concern for a company is an insider business threat in which an employee or contractor steals vital information or finances. According to CSO magazine and the U.S. Secret Service, “Only 49% of companies have a plan to address and respond to insider security threats — even though 32% of the same companies agree that crimes perpetrated by insiders are more costly and damaging than those committed by outsiders.”


Security Issues Businesses Overlook

  • The possibility of internal attacks
  • Burglaries and robberies
  • Having secure locks on all entrances and exits (doors and windows)


Areas for Physical Security

  • The Lobby
  • Doorways
  • Data Center/HR


Common Security Issues

  • Important doors without working locks
  • Unidentified visitors
  • Tailgating – when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a secure area
  • No working cameras in key areas


Things That Help to Maintain a Strong Security:

  • Working locks on all important doors
  • Employee key access
  • Intrusion detectors
  • CCTV, smart cards
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Front Gate
  • Suppression systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Camera monitors
  • Motion detectors
  • Guards
  • Tall fence


While hackers can find critical information through a company’s network, physical thieves can also steal important documents and sensitive information from inside of a business. Protecting your company’s physical assets are just as important as protecting your digital assets. Keep your business safe with the right kind of security measures.


Here at Capital Lock, we will ensure your business is protected and safe at all times. Give our team a call at 608-256-LOCK (5625).

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